Food Hose Physical Performance & Health Requirements


Food   Hose Physical Performance
Tensile   Strength  Mpa(Kgf/cm2) ≥  6.4(65)
          Elongation At Break   (%)                 ≥              300
           Aging   in Hot Air            70℃x72 HoursChange Rate of Tensile Strength (%)     -25~+25
Change Rate of Elongation At   Break(%)  -30~+10

 Food Hose Health Requirements
Residue After Evaporation4%Acetic acid Extraction≤2000
65% Ethyl Alcohol Extraction≤40
Water Extraction≤20
Consumption of Potassium   PermanganateWater Extraction≤45
Zn Content4%Acetic acid Extraction≤30
Pb Contect4%Acetic acid Extraction≤1